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Hello, I have a pretty decent desktop setup that I just upgraded the motherboard (the old one was pretty weird, it had an agp video card slot with sata 6 gb/s :pfff: ) and I just wanted to know the best options for a semi decent affordable graphics card. I don't want to break the bank but I would like to play video games with at least medium quality. My motherboard is a gigabyte g41mt-s2pt with a intel celeron dual core(or hyperthreaded?) 3.2ghz. Possibly within $100 thanks for your help. P.s. I am going to buy a modular power supply to go with this card, so I don't care about how power costly it is.
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    the g41 cpu's for celeron are dual core (assuming celeron e3x00)
    I would pair it with 650ti max ($130)
    you can also get the 7770 for about 100 right now so that would be your best bet
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