Is it possible to run 2 different cards without sli?

Someone told me that I can buy a cheap graphics card and run it without sli in addition to my real card, the purpose of this is to use the weaker card for physx only to allow higher performance. Three questions.
1. Is this possible, and if it is, how would I do it?

2. What kind of performance increase (if any) would there be? (ex. fps, visuals)

3. If it all works, what would be a good card to use for maximum physx? This is my hopeful choice.
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  1. It is possible to do this. With that said PhysX is frankly overrated to put it mildly and getting a second just to use it for PhysX is redundant. Most games you'll only mild visual enhancements that are not worth the extra cash (various magazines have covered this in detail so I won't rehash it). As for FPS you would see no boost as most games don't support PhysX anyways so the second card would be doing nothing but sucking power.
  2. I thought I had read that nVidia had put code in their drivers that won't allow you to use the PhysX functions of their card if it detects an AMD graphics card in your system?
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