Will this graphics card last?

Hi i am planning on building a new desktop and was wondering which gfx card i should get and was looking at the xfx radeon hd 7870 and 7850, i wS wondering if the 7850 would last in terms of what settings it plays games at.

Will it manage to pkay games at relatively high settings years down the line, or should i get the 7890? And if you guys dont mind, can use explain why as well. Thanks
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  1. The 7850 is a great card and will be able to max out anything at 30+ fps. I don't know what you consider relatively high settings. If you want to be able to get medium settings for a few years, the 7850 will probably do well. If you want a very high up mid range card (borderlining high end), then the 7850 will be great.
  2. no need to spend more on 7870 coz its relatively the same as 7850,,,,,,a little faster though.......
    and yes ....your 7850 would last long for sure if you plan to keep playing with a single screen....

    get a 7870 only and only if u get an undeniable deal......lol....
  3. Its nice to get the 7870 since its a decent boost in performance and for a bit more performance down the road.

    If you don't mind overclocking the 7850 is the better buy tho. It overclocks slightly better than the 7870 which mean the difference between the 2 isn't as large when both are overclocked.
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