Second video card not recognized by motherboard

Recently built a new computer, and after dealing with a faulty ram card and a faulty power supply, another issue has raised its ugly head. The second graphic card on my rig (specs below) is for some reason not being recognized by the motherboard. I have the latest AMD drivers and double checked to make sure the card itself was plugged in and actually works. Help solving this problem would be greatly appreciated thanks.


CPU: Intel I5 3570K
RAM: Patriot Extreme Masters Limited Editon 16 GB kit (2x8) 1 stick in currently
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H with WIFI
Power Supply: Corsair Ax 850W
Graphics Cards: 2 Sapphire HD Radeon 7970 3GB DDR5

P.S: New user to the forums.
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  1. did you connect them using a cross fire cable?
  2. Yeah. Motherboard still doesn't recognize the card
  3. did you have one installed and added the second or did you install both at once? is this a new windows load or adding onto an existing OS?
  4. I put both in at the same time, one card worked the other didn't.
  5. look in your mobo manual to see if you have to change a jumper setting to enable crossfire. also try booting into safe mode and uninstall you graphics drivers and software, then reboot into normal windows and install the drivers fresh.
  6. In the AMD control panel after installing the latest drivers, you have to enable crossfire mode through the utility. Hope this helps.
  7. Just noticed that the card doesn't even appear to be working, no fan or anything....
  8. Have connected the additional pci-e power connectors?
  9. And I just fixed it. Turns out the connector was faulty so I replaced it and now its working.
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