Pci-e graphics card stopped working, got a new one still not working

Hi I've got a GeForce 9500GT which has been running fine for years OS is Win7, it doesn't use any extra power connectors, just a basic pci-e card. Turned the computer on this morning and the monitor did not recognize any video card. Rebooted many times, no go. Plugged the monitor into the on-board video port and the system started just fine, so I assumed the video card died out, even though the fan on it was running fine as usual. Tried making sure the bios is set to use PCI-E as the primary card, still no go. It only recognizes on-board video card.

Went to the store and picked up a Galaxy GeForce GT 640, plugged it and booted up, no go. It's just the same as when I had the GeForce 9500GT, again the fans running fine but the system doesn't recognize any video card. Back to on-board, went to device manager and only the on-board video card shows under video devices. The 9500GT won't show up and the GT 640 won't show up either. It doesn't even say Unrecognized Device or anything. My drivers for the 9500GT are current, the bios drivers are also current.

So I'm stumped on what's going on. I'm starting to suspect both PCI-E cards are just fine and the problem is somehow with the mobo. There could be the 1/10000000 chance that the PCI-E slot burned out... but that doesn't seem likely at all, especially since the fans on the video cards run fine. Please help!

[Edit] I also want to add that I have a very powerful and fairly new (about 1 year old) Power Supply so I doubt if lack of power is the issue.
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  1. do you have another pci-e slot to test the card in on your motherboard so you could plug the monitor to her and not the onboard chipset from the motherboard .
  2. No, it's a very low end mobo for a hp pavilion a1268c, only has 1 pci-e slot. I'm really hoping that slot didn't burn out. I'm trying to find the slot in device manager, but I don't see it. I see the 3 pci slots, but not the express. Maybe the drivers for the slot itself are missing and that's why the computer doesn't recognize any of my pcie devices.
  3. my nephew had same issue, ended up being mobo, the pci-e slot burnt out, then he used just the onboard for browsing, 6 weeks after, poof, mobo died.
  4. Yep, after working on the problem all day I've come to the guess that the slot is simply dead for whatever the reason. Today really sucks.
  5. this motherboard should ave a name writen on her that would be usefull if you want to get another one ,this is your motherboard specs http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&dlc=en&docname=c00714578&lc=en&os=228&product=3214105
  6. UPDATE:

    The slot was burned out. Ratman had it right, not but a week later several other components on the mobo went out, it's simply dying. Ended up ordering another mobo, ended up damaging the pins on the processor during replacement. To get a new processor would cost another $80 on top of the $70 replacement mobo, all to save a 10 yr old HP computer that's barely worth $100. Decided to scrap the whole thing and send back the mobo for a refund. I ended up buying Gateway PC on Craigslist for $150, had better specs and came with flat screen monitor. It was a better decision than continuing to pour money into that pit.

    Currently comparing video card upgrades in another thread.
  7. a good thing you find out the issue ,now it fun time win the gateway .
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