Which is a better video card for multi-monitor set up?

Hello, which Graphic Card would be better at running games in a multi-monitor set up?
The AMD HD Radeon 7870
The Nvidia GTX 660ti?
Both are 2gb, but the only difference I see is that one is 192 bit and the other is 256 bit. If there are any other cards you guys can recommend me to buy, my budget is $300. Thanks!
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  1. At $300 you can grab an HD7950 (although that depends on where you live and/or where you're buying it). It will be better for gaming in multi-monitor setup with it's larger memory bus and 3GB VRAM. However, keep in mind with a single GPU setup, you won't max any games at 3x1080p (if that is what you're using).
  2. I live in Toronto and the closest stores in my area are ncix and canada's computers. What are the main features of Nvidia and AMD Radeon? I know that Nvidia has PhysX while AMD has eyefinity. I plan on adding another GPU in the future btw.
  3. As usual, my recommendations for multi-GPU setups are the 2 highest-end GPU (GTX670/680 or HD7950/7970). In your case, the HD7950 is probably as high as you can get right now. There's quite a few 7950 around $300 and some of them are very good ones like Gigabyte's Windforce, Asus DCUII, MSI's Twin Frozr.

    There's not much other gaming features. Current AMD cards overclocks better, Nvidia GTX600 cards have TXAA and Adaptive V-Sync. That's pretty much about it.
  4. My Current build is:
    i5 3570k / i7 3770k
    8gb patriot intel extreme master memory (2x4) 1600mhz CL9
    Asus P8Z77-V Socket 1155 Intel Z77
    Corsair Hydro Series H100i Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
    Crosair CX 750 power supply

    Im not sure if I should go with the CX 750 as the power supply for dual video cards. I saw some reviews on newegg saying on how it would make a weird sound on the fan. Any suggestions?
  5. My suggestion would be to get a single HD7950 first and see how it performs in your multi-monitor setup. I've seen people saying that a single 7950 can provide playable gaming experience at adequate settings. He only needed another 7950 to crank up the details even more and based on reviews I've seen, it backs up.
  6. How much power would you need for 2 HD Radeon 7950s?
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    750W should be more than enough although I highly recommend you get a different power supply instead of the Corsair CX if you're thinking of getting a 750W (or above) power supply.

    My recommendations:

    Corsair TX750 V2
    Corsair HX750
    SeaSonic M12II 750
    SeaSonic X750
    Corsair TX850 V2
    Corsair HX850
    SeaSonic M12II 850
    SeaSonic X850
    XFX Pro Series 850W
  8. Go for Atleast VRAM of 3GB
    Then 384 Bits

    easy words
    go for AMD R9 280x

    And if You need at little less price
    NVIDIA 760 GTX 2GB or 4GB
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