His IceQ HD4670 AGP vs. Sapphire HD3850 AGP

Maybe this is re-asking the same question but,

I have GA-8S661FXM-775 (rev. 1.x) motherboard, 2 x 1GB Kingston DDR 400 RAM, INTEL P4 650 Series 3.4 GHz. CPU, 1 x 80GB Samsung SATA, 1 x 320GB Western Digital SATA, 1 x 160GB Western Digital IDE HDDs.

I'm considering about buying an AGP graphics card, and I'm between His IceQ HD4670 and Sapphire HD3850. 4670 has 1GB of GDDR3 RAM and needs 59 Watts, but 128bit, 3850 on the other hand has 512MB RAM and needs peak value of 95 Watts and 256bit.

What would be my choice considering a possible bottleneck problem? Actually I'm close to 3850 because of 256 bit. By the way, I will plug the PC to 32" Samsung LED TV, please take this into consideration.
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  1. Go for the 4670, its a newer gen card, and the performance is probably close to equal. Also if you plan on gaming, the 1gb vram will be very handy trust me!
    Good luck :D
  2. The HD4670 wins. Beast of an agp gaming pc you'll have there ;) also much more overclock headroom on the 4670 cause of that cooler
  3. i had the two card's and the HD3850 is slightly better, the hd4670 is a little faster with filters ON, if u had a good PSU go for the HD3850, that question is the same if u ask Radeon HD 4850 512MB or Radeon HD 5670? hd4850 beats 5670 :bounce:
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