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HP ZR2740w seems dim

February 11, 2013 2:08:31 AM

I've had an HP ZR2740 IPS LED monitor about 16 months now and I'm noticing it's not as bright as my newer twin Dell Ultrasharp 2412s which are about 8 months old.

Full Disclosure I use all my screens MAX brightness and NEVER turn them off. I mean literally I think they've been set and running at max brightness and contrast since they left the boxes. (only now finding out that may speed up aging of the backlights)

That said I work in a very bright environment and can not tolerate lowering the brightness in fact most monitors below 300nits are simply unacceptable so essentially I'm asking 2 questions...

1. Is 12 000 hours or thereabouts enough wear and tear that might require a backlight replacement.

2. Is such a procedure offered anywhere or am I faced with having to replace every 18 months assuming I can not work with lower brightness and contrast settings?

Thanks in advance,


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