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Sapphire or HIS card?

Hey guys, I'm stuck in picking my HD 7850.

I was originally going to get the OC version of this:
But someone had to buy the last one right before I did...

So I'm stuck between the one I previously linked and

I can't tell any major difference between the two, so could you help me really quick determine which is better?
Thank you.
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    Pick the sapphire or the HIS card (i owned ASUS card and have some troubles, and entry level are hand-picked gpu like their TOP version but they're the lowest overclock capable as they're best are on the TOP version hand-picked GPU... I also never had any trouble with 5-6 Sapphire GPUs so i highly recommend these cards, but i never had the chance to try HIS, however, i never heard of bad thing about HIS cards...

    PS: it was some ASUS 560ti (2 of them), i'd bought ASUS 560ti DCU (not 2 and not OC or TOP) max GPU speed was 930 and 945 @ max voltage and i sold both to buy "TOP"version, i reach 990 on one and 1025 on the other (same gpus on the 4 cards but hand-picked to served they're TOP version and "push" the top of the line cards...) And i had 3 warranty claims on that 2 cards (i presently own 1 that have 2 months now as second claim= new card)

    *** ASUS did a fantastic job for my warranty claims so (even if that was my first GPU dead/flickering and Artifacts issue) they repaired and replace my 2 cards even if i had overclocked them to the max without asking me any questions... (they also paid the shipping fees and give me a 20$ rebate for my next ASUS product)
  2. Go with saphhire.much better and good quality.i heard some problems with fan of his gpu.
  3. asus is quality y3s sir
  4. I do like the quality that ASUS does provide although the Sapphire solution is pretty good as well from the AMD side of things. I would go with the Sapphire solution if you are debating between the two cards you will have superior cooling to the HIS card you linked there are two fans on top of the PCB instead of just one and it looks more ventilated.
  5. yar
  6. I got the Sapphire one. Thanks guys for all of your help!
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  8. no problem man happy gaming.
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