Gigabyte r7850oc 2gb

I have an budget of 25 k in which i needed gpu,cpu,mobo,ram,psu.
i had decided to go with msi 7770 in 8k,and also decided to do an crossfire in future.
but after looking at the gigabyte r7850oc 2gb model i think its good enough....which is at 14 k....i am in love with it....but my budget doesn't allow me to love i was thinking of not purchasing an cpu...i have an old intel pentium 4 3.2 ghz and a intel dual processor....i know its a bottleneck but is there any chance of average gameplay......will buy an core i3 next month if its okk............hope u understand :bounce:
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  1. u can game fine on a 7700 :)
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