660ti graphic quality(clarity) problem


I've been using Gigabyte 660ti OC for months and feel that the graphic(image, 3Dgame, etc) clarity is a little blurred than others I used before(460, 260sp, 8800gt, etc).

I could notice it just after changing graphic card from 460 to 660ti.
But at first I just tried my eyes to adapt this and continued to use it.
But I still recognize blured graphic quality till now so I tried to ask about it here.
(I tried to format and reinstall Windows 7 64bit but problem wasn't solved.)

For example, graphic images and its edge is a little blured. 3D game graphic quality is also blurred. Everything is a little blurred in short.

Is there anyone who also feel like me with 660ti? I assume that it is a recognizable problem so it is hard to miss. Is it just character of the 660ti or just my case(or Gigabyte problem)?
(I even thought with a little disappointment that Nvidia made this card sacrificing 'clarity performance' that is not be measured by benchmark value to improve 'speed performance' that is measured by benchmark.)

Is there is any sollution or setting to solve this problem(nvidia setup, desktop windows setting, directx setting, etc)?
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  1. Do you have TXAA enabled? I think there are some reports few months back that TXAA blurs the images and it's enough for anyone to see. Not really sure but that could be your problem.

    Are you using DVI/HDMI?DP?
  2. what connection are you using? DVI, HDMI?
    I had problem with HDMI before where it makes everything just bit blury out of focus kinda
  3. Thanks for the reply, I've been using DVI connection from old graphic card(460, 260, 8800) to 660ti. Don't know where the TXAA setting is (searched Nvidia setting panel but couldn't find).

    Maybe it is a hardware problem as many people recognize it. I really changed my mind to try to use AMD card because of this blury graphic quality. Or I just want to konw if there is a setting to solve this problem.
  4. I guarantee you this is from a setting or cable somewhere. This isn't a problem inherent to 660ti cards.
  5. Have Gygabyte GTX660Ti have no such problems.
  6. I hope it is because of a setting, etc instead of hardware.
    But like I said above there was no problem with old cards 460, 260 and 8800.

    Furturemore, I recently upgraded my whole computer including cpu, mainboard, hard but the problem was not solved.

    As a not-advanced computer user, I think it is because of one of two things, hardware or some deeper setting that is set as default.
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