560 TI 448 EVGA ultra classified-Thermal paste

Quick question here guys,
Here is my graphics card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130805&Tpk=560%20ti%20448
I took the cooler of to replace the stock thermal paste, but the it had some sort of foam that made connection with all the chips around the gpu die.
My question is did I break some sort of thermal connection with the cooler?
The programs I use only report the gpu die temps, not the surrounding chip temps.
I overclock my cards.
I have no real idea how to convey what I'm trying to say [6]
Any ideas or help is appreciated, thanks guys
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  1. no the foam is just little thermal pads to help spread the heat away from those chips.
  2. Right yea there are thermal pads on the memory chips around the GPU itself.
  3. Ok it seemed kind of moist , so I wasn't sure. There are a lot of screws holding those coolers down.
  4. yes there is very much so and probably more so on a reference cooler given the shroud covering the entire card.
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