Asus Vs eVGA Vs MSI Vs Gigabit GTX 670

Personally I want the MSI GTX670 PE OC but finding on in NZ is impossible. I am looking for a comparision of this card to Asus, eVGA and Gigabit GTX670 overclocked cards. Any information would be awesome!

Thanks :D
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  1. id go with Asus as they make high quality, powerfull, reliable and quiet cards... customer support is also very good and their Direct CU 2 coolers are truly amazing!
  2. The MSI power edition cards are usually my first choice but if you cant find that anywhere then I'll suggest you pick the evga gtx 670 ftw SIG 2 edition,
  3. I have the Gigabyte and have not had a problem.,3217.html
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