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HDMI to DVI or Mini DisplayPort to DVI?

I'm contemplating upgrading my video card from an HD6870 and my wife's video card from a GTX460, both to HD7870 LE. However, we both use dual monitors. The 7870 LE cards I see only have 1 DVI port, which should be fine for her, one of her monitors has an HDMI port on it. However, I have a couple Samsung LED monitors that only have DVI, which means I'll have to use an adapter. I've tried googling this and gotten a lot of hits for unrelated issues.

So I'm curious about a couple things. How well would dual monitors work through different ports (DVI + HDMI)? I know that theoretically it should work, but we all know how well things work out in the real world. ;) Also, would it be better to use Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter or HDMI to DVI adapter, or is there even a difference at all in the end? I think I'd prefer HDMI to DVI, seems like those adapters are a bit cheaper.

And after that all gets settled, would the PowerColor 7870 MYST be a good choice, or would the Sapphire 7870 XT be a better one? I know when I bought my 6870, PowerColor was the lowest priced, so I went with them. However, it's had some issues, and it seems like they're more the "budget" brand for ATI cards. I'd be willing to spend an extra $40/card if I didn't have to worry about too many problems.
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    For dual monitors HDMI to DVI and passive DP to DVI are basically the exact same thing. Its the same signal as DVI, just "rearranging" the pins.

    I'd go toward HDMI to DVI unless you might want to hook up a third or to the TV one day, in which case you might as well just spend the $20 on an active DP to DVI adapter as its required to run the third monitor.
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