Zotac 660 ti AMP! edition - Hardware or driver issue?

I just bought my card last december and played casual games like dota 2, cs-go, etc. and not experiencing any issues, max temp i'm receiving is 71c on full load in 30c+ degrees room.

However, I bought 2 gpu intensive games BF3 and Far Cry 3 then i'm getting an issue when playing these games. The issue i'm experiencing is like getting a black screen then a window pops up saying "Nvidia display driver has stopped responding and has fully recovered".

So i tried to underclock my gpu like -20 core clock, -20 memory clock, added +10 to limit power and that fixed the issues.

Should I RMA my card or it's just a driver issue? or are there any workarounds. because i want to play games with stock clocks.

P.S. I already did a clean install of drivers using the latest driver 310.90. My previous card was ATI 6850 and did not experience those issues.
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  1. see if it crashes on furmark...your temps are in check...what is your power supply?
  2. i'm currently using Seasonic m2ii 520w. my processor is i3 2100 and g.skill 8gb ram 1600mhz. i will try it this weekend.
  3. That happens to me when I overclock too much my EVGA 660 TI, if I put on the clock more than 100 Mhz and I play demanding games after some minutes the driver willl stop working. In your case might be for the high temps, I have set a fan curve to put the Fan on 80% if the card is at 60 C and it stays at 55-58 C and my room also is 30C+
  4. hi john. what software utility are you using? is it normal that it will crash if its temp is 75c even using the stock clocks?
  5. double post
  6. try undervolting the card. It may help reduce the temps and crashes
  7. hi jaideep1337.. i can't undervolt the card in msi afterburner because i cannot adjust the voltage of it.. is there anyway to undervolt my card? your help will be really well appreciated.
  8. anyone can give any suggestions please?
  9. i had this problem on my GTS 250 its not a driver issue and u cant fix it its the card it self MOSFET is Burned out only thing u can do is send it to RMA look this video

    Black screen problem

    My card with burnd MOSFET
  10. ^ have you tried underclocking your card? i've tried underclocking mine like -20 mem clock and -20 core clock and it became stable.
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    tecnicaly if the card is not faulty u dont need to underclok it the reson it works when undercloking is the power and out put of the card is low so the card runs bit smoothly but this thing wont last for long time u will get this same problem after few weeeks or month u can run the card with same cloking speed without any drivers instaled too i have tryed it that too

    i naver overclok my card first me too thought its a latest driver isue but its not that
    if u cuntinue to use it it will damge youre card badly for me first it hapend after 3 hurs or 4 after that evry 30 minits then 5 minits then your computer freeze and u get blue screean

    "Nvidia display driver has stopped responding and has fully recovered" means your card is giving a signal to moniter then sadenly it stopes(your blak screen problem) then it comes agin on thet time the driver is unable to undersatnd what is hapening so it gives u that message

    all i can say it RMA it or u are screwd:P
  12. ok thanks for the advice. i will send it to the shop where i bought this card. maybe i will stop gaming for 3-4weeks waiting my card to be returned.. :(
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  14. yes thats good:) well for the isue some of the MOSFET controles your card heat and fan speed as well as display output ports like HDMI and VGA ports and do some extra things too when your card is at full speed and utputing lot of datas(playing a game with all setting high) your card gets haet so this guy contorles your card fan

    think what will hapen whn this guy is not working proplely you card get over hetad and and all other compents get heated too so u get strange problems like black screen thing dont worry theas thing hapens:P elctronics theay are like women without any warning thay make problems:P just give it to RMA and get a new one good luck
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