What should i replace VGA or monitor ?

Every time I play a game with medium settings, like GTA 4, Sleeping Dogs, Modern Warfare, I often experience screen tearing. I do not know if this is due to the monitor or VGA. My friend told me I should switch to GT560ti 2GB and replace the monitor with a 120Hz Asus monitor.

The question is, can my pc can be fitted with gt560ti ? and should i change my monitor ?

I'm not a hardcore gamer, I feel very enough with just 1024x768 resolution.

My PC Specs

Motherboard : ASUS P8H61-M LX
Proc : Intel Core i3
Proc Speed : 3.3ghz
VGA : 2GB GT210
OS : Windows 7
Monitor : Samsung SyncMaster 510N 60hz
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  1. umm turn v sync on for screen teating but with a gt210 I doubt you are getting screen tearing caused by high fps if you have a low end video card. run fraps to keep an eye on your framerates...if you see them go below 60 it means your video card is too slow and it feels more like slide show powerpoint than smooth gameplay
  2. okay, looks like i need a new graphic card
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