I have just bult a new computer 2 days ago I am using a gigabyte windforce 3 hd 7950 3gb vram radeon card and was wondering if this would support 3 monitors in hd 1080p for gaming. please let me know if this is possible and how do i find it the catalyst.
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  1. yes 7970 supports 3 monitors. have 3 of the same monitors to make it look good. to get catalyst go to amd.com
  2. its a 7950
  3. no difference its in the same gpu family
  4. Yes you're 7950 can handle up to 4 monitors. I run 4 monitors on mine. For EyeFinity, just connect all the monitors, get them running independently, then in Catalyst Control go in and tell it to build a display group, it will walk you thru the rest. When you do get it up and running, you'll have to dial back your settings in most game a little bit to get acceptable frame rates.
  5. ok ty
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