How well do 660 ti's perform in SLI?

I honestly cannot freaking decide what to do graphics wise with my new build. I've looked at everything from going 7970 OC to 670 ftw sig 2 or the 7950 and then there's also the 7870 LE which I could just run crossfire on those but I was also looking now into the 660 ti's just to make this decision more difficult. Was wondering if anyone knows how well they perform in SLI. Was contemplating getting 1 now and then 1 later if i needed to. Feel free to give advice on the other cards or recommend something else.....whatever really. Thanks for the help guys.

BTW will be gaming at 1080
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  1. The GTX 660 Ti is quite closely matched to the GTX 670 and 2 in SLI will most likely beat a GTX 670 and equivalent cards hands down. However, something important to remember is that double the graphics cards does not mean double the performance.
    Also different games will handle the cards differently some may recognise the dual configuration wheras some may not and it may be a waste of money for the extra card. Problems are rare with 2 of the same cards in SLI but just watch out.
    Personally I'd save the money and get a GTX 680 which will perform better,but if you do decide to purchase the 2 GTX 660 TI's then here's a revew:

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