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i am running 2 6950 crossfire at the moment on my pc with a 700w psu some people say its fine and some people are saying they wouldnt chance it im a bit worried that it will harm my pc is it ok or should i just keep with one 6950 2gb i dont have money for another psu i have used thermaltake calculator and it says everything runs at 575w yet ive heard from people i need 750w for crossfire with these cards im confused, i am not overclocking anything

specs i7 3770
1tb hitachi
12 gb ram
64 gb ssd
128gb ocz ssd
his 6950 2gb
ocz modxstream pro 700w
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  1. It should be fine. It should pull less than 600W.
  2. You should be fine. The wattage calculator usually tells you power you will use and the 700w on your PSU is max power. Normally a descent power supply will be "Certified" and tell you a percent like 80%. You take the max rated output 700w and multiply it by the percent 700 x .80 = 560. So a 700watt PSU rated at 80% is guaranteed to generate a continuous 560 watts. While you are close to this number, as long as you have a descent quality PSU you should be just fine.
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