I install a 1 tb hdd and it show up as a 931gb drive in windows 7

I install a 1TB HDD and is show up as a 931 gb DRIVE HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM
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  1. That's the actual size

    The hard drive manufacturer considers 1TB to be 10^12 bytes whereas most software considers it to be 2^40 bytes. The difference between the two is what causes it to appear smaller than advertised
  2. Pinhedd is correct, i have several 1TB drives and they come out 931GB because of the 10^12 vs the 2^40
  3. In slightly easier terms to understand an actual gigabyte is considered 1024 Megabytes. However manufacturers consider 1000 Megabytes to be one gigabyte. So you actually only get 931gigabytes.
  4. The easiest way to roughly figure out the size any OS will see a new hard drive is this: # of GB X 0.93. Also, as many has stated, the hard drive OEM's label 1,000GB at 1TB.
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