PC stopped booting with 660 TI, boots fine with integrated

When I quit a game last week, my PC suddenly froze and I was unable to get back to Windows. I tried rebooting a couple of times and video card info showed up before POST, but I could not get any further and did not get POST. Trying a few more times made the motherboard start beeping, 1 long and 2 short (video).

I tried:
Cleaning the slots.
Testing another PCI-E slot.
Unplugged everything, tried to boot using just one memory stick in all memory slots.
Most importantly, I went to my uncle's house yesterday and using my PSU, his computer recognized my video card and I could at least use the BIOS (I didn't take the appropriate connector for his HDD, couldn't go to Windows).

PC is booting OK using the integrated video, I've been using it the whole time.

One result I got while testing different solutions is that the system refused to boot one time with both memory sticks, once I removed one, it booted (no video card connected). I don't remember what happened exactly after that, but later I put both sticks again and it booted.

I don't know what else I can try. I ruled out the video card, as it worked in another PC.
I don't have any spare parts, but might be able to get a memory stick borrowed this week...

Has anyone seen an issue like this? Would it be memory or the Mobo? Is it possible to have both slots broken at the same time (or some controller...)? The Wireless card in old-PCI slot is working normally (didn't work taking that off as well).

Thanks for any help,

Full specs:
i5 3570k
PNY 660 TI
2 x 4 corsair vengeance ddr3 1600
OCZ modxstream 700W
Samsung 830 128GB
was using BIOS F16, just put F17-beta.

Built this machine in October, was perfect up to one week ago...
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  1. Have you checked the power supply. Maybe you don't have enough power to run 660
  2. Thanks for the answer.

    Is that possible?

    I've been using the PSU and GPU since last October.
    Using the same PSU, the video card was recognized in another PC.
  3. does your other PC have similar parts?I mean same CPU from same company,same RAM and motherboard? CPUs vary from 35W to 135W and an entry level motherboard can pull upto 40W while high end ones can go upto 110W.Also are you using the same cooling system on both your PCs?
  4. Hmmm, no, my uncle's CPU is a Q9300 I believe, low end MOBO, stock air cooling (same here).
    So what you guys are saying is that the PSU stopped providing enough power, not even to recognize the GPU?
  5. based on the model of your PSU it should enough to power your rig unless the PSU is delivered faulty.
    Other thoughts, if your bios update has been an issue as you are saying it was perfect one week ago.If your bios is giving you problems then try using the bacup of your previous bios.
  6. I updated today to see if it would make any difference, I'll see if rolling back does work.

    I think I didn't explain properly, but just to clarify if it helps to identify the issue: I used the computer with this same parts for 4 months, suddenly the video card froze.

    THanks for all the answers guys.
  7. if the video card still runs on your uncle's system then its not a GPU problem.Anyways since you still have your GPU on warranty you can always RMA it,if the problem still persists you ca try doing the same with your PSU.
  8. ok, now it's the real deal...
    fine minutes ago, just using the computer, not trying to fix it. PC froze.
    Now It will not boot at all. It goes in an infinite loop trying to turn on, no sound, nothing. Coolers and wireless card attached to the motherboard turn on lights before looping...

  9. Yes its definitely your PSU malfunctioning.
  10. Best answer
    Thought could be could to post a feedback here even after all this time, in case someone googles something similar.
    It turns out it was the... CPU!
    Tested the GPU, memories, PSU, Mobo (I had to buy another one!). Nothing worked, finally RMA'd the CPU. How unlikely, eh?

    Hope this can help someone googling about this. Hopefully I didn't break rules by ressurecting this thread, please someone lock this?
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