Any alternative to watch 3D movies without Nvidia 3D Vision kit?

I have jus bought BenQ XL2420T and NVidia GTX 670 card .... I have bunch of 3D movies in my HDDs...

Do I need nvidia 3D vision to watch them or can I watch them using simple anaglyph glasses and a Cyberlink PowerDVD player..... ?

Frankly guys, I wanted to upgrade my old monitor to 120hz, So I purchased this monitor, but I like to watch 3D movies rather than playing 3D games .... and I knw Nvidia 3D Vision kit is for both.... but I think we should be able to watch 3D movies at least without purchasing this kit?

If there is no other way then this monitor should've come with this kit.
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    Anaglyph 3D works with ANY monitor. And PowerDVD 12 Ultra and Pro support anaglyph 3D.
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