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My friend have a pc Acer Predator G7750 Desktop PC, Intel Core i7-920, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Dedicated ATI 5850 (1GB), DVD-ROM + DVD-RW, Windows 7 Home, Liquid Cooling.
He want to upgrade the graphic card. What graphic should he buy? or maybe he should buy other part.
His budget is RM 1225 ( Ringgit Malaysia )
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  1. hello xerox, well he has a nice rig i can recommend this card due to his budget. take a look on this one

    is 320 from amazon or he can buy this too they both are amazing and he wont need another card in a while.

    have a nice day, i hope i can help you and your friend.
  2. oh i was forgetting something that i really care, you didnt mention the power supply unit he has, i recommend a gold certified one, at least 750 or 850 watts from silverstone, video cards like those have to be in good hands haha.
  3. 750 watt. cooling liquid
  4. Hi. The HD 7950 would be a very good improvement. The other parts are still good for now.
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