Will 7750 improve gaming on my ASUS E35M1-M


I have HTPC with 350W PSU and ASUS E35M1-M with on board graphics 6310. 8Gb ram
Windows 7 Ultimate + XBMC...
I use HTPC for games like Trine, Trine 2, Mark of The Ninja, The Cave, Tomb Rider,...
Games work but slow and low detail graphics; not to mention fps drops...

Will installing a 7750 improve graphics,fps,..?
Or I will have to change my concept with new MB and CPU along with new graphic card??
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  1. You will see a huge difference with a 7750 with gaming, high def video streaming, and your windows graphical user interface will run faster and smoother. I bet the 7750 will double or maybe triple your frames per second especially if you get one with Gddr5 memory. You might want to use a power supply wattage calculator first before you buy the card though. Newegg.com has one under the computer hardware tab on the main page.
  2. Thanks,
    will check that out !!!
  3. Make sure that you update your bios to latest
  4. Which cpu you have?
  5. AMD APU E-350 Dual-Core onboard Processor

  6. In Newegg's power supply calculator is no such CPU???

    THX to everyone for quick response and answers!!!

    I think I will order SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY Radeon HD 7750 - 1 Go GDDR5 - PCI Express 3.0 low profile for 95 Euros!!!
  7. Get 1gb only.
  8. Radeon HD 7750 - 1 Gb GDDR5 will do?!

    will buy now to receive it on Thursday ....

    THX a lot..
  9. Yes it will do
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