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If my Hard Drive failing

February 11, 2013 2:43:09 PM

So recently my gaming rig has been running into several problems recently with it's booting every time it the bios does it's thing the Windows 7 logo sometimes doesn't show up resulting in a black screen but sometimes it does and when it does... It just freezes at the logo... The odd occasion it actually goes through just dandy.. I had problems before all started when I installed my new HD Radeon 6670 Asus Edition when some registry's kept getting corrupted once I resolved that.. It was fine for a couple of days but then again the registry corrupted again and then resorted to doing the black screen.. So then I thought it was the PSU the rig came with... It was a dirt cheap 12 pound Tesla PSU 500w and it thought it was failing... So of course naturally I changed it to the CX500w PSU and ruled out the power supply having problems and double checking the connections it is all done correctly... And at first it ran perfectly but then what seems to be the registry again windows 7 explorer froze once more and restarted the whole computer and again the Black screen came on back.. Now not only I ruled of the PSU... And the graphics card... AND updating my MOBO to the latest drivers I can only point to one thing... And that is my Hard Drive might be failing... Because sometimes when I do a disc recovery all of Windows 7 doesn't exist well seems to be that way... And when I try to pick the C: disk because that is where it would be it would say that if has no drivers pratically on the disk... I would try to do a repair but then the computer would say that it did not find any solutions and that I should restart... And only sometimes that restarting does boot up normally but it is like 3/10 times it wouldn't boot up normally after attempting to repair it via the disk... So one can assume it could be a failing HD after doing some research and I would like someone to help confirm this theory if it might be a failing HD

FX4100 3.6ghz Bulldozer Quad Core
HD Radeon 6670 Asus Edition DDR5
78LMT-USB3 Mother Board
CX500 PSU 500w
8 Gig Ram DDR3

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