POV GTS 250 High temps HELP

Hello there,

I have a POV GTS 250 1GB with Accelero S2 fan, and im having problems with the GPU Usage and GPU Temps... AFAIK BF3, FC3 and Black Ops 2 at 1080p can make fried chicken with the high usage and temps here ( ~85ºC Full) , its almost normal (for me)... but the problem is that games considered old are giving me some problems, like NFSMW (2003), rFactor, The Sims 3, as far i noticed, Games that i know that this GPU could easy take care.

I always play on 1080p ... I'm wondering what could be the problem for so high GPU USAGE for games so simple like those could reaching so high temps... and here in brazil it's summer and the temperatures are ~30ºC outside. i'm little worried with the thermal grease, was 2 years since last renew. If you guys could give me a tip or solution for it i will be very thankful, because i tried googled so much about this hardware, game issues, but with no aswer for it. sorry for my bad english.

BTW, my case has 3x80mm fans and 1x120mm back.
its is some kind of xblade case.

Corsair cx600 PSU
Pentium Dual Core E5400 No OC / intel fan
4gb Kingston 800MHz (2x2)
Point of view GTS 250 1GB ( Accelero S2 fan )
Seagate 500GB sata-3
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  1. i have a big history with my GTS 250:P

    some times dust in the card can make the temprature bit high just try claening it and plug it back and dont think about the heat issue that much as long as its not giving u any problem like BOSD and artifacts and some black screens...

    but as i told u clean it atleaset 3 months a time and u are good to go

    Only a GAMER understands a GAMER!
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