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What's So Great About the 6970 Lightning Edition?

February 11, 2013 3:25:14 PM

Just a quick question as I'm really curious as to why my graphics card is getting so much attention. I sell things all the time on my other eBay account and I'm selling my 6970 Lightning Edition at the moment. It's attracted a lot more attention than expected. It's got about a day left and has 44 watchers and 300 views. Why are people so eager to buy this card? What's so special about it that I missed out on?

I mean, I love the card and it was amazing for a long long time and still is but does it have some super powers I know nothing about? From what I know it's the best 6970 you can buy, but with all the other cards out there why are people so eager to still buy a 6970? I saw a pre-owned one sell for £180 just last week. Help me out here? :p