[HELP] HD 5830 or HD 7750 .

Hey guys , just wondering which is better , a HD 5830 or a HD 7750 ?
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  1. If you have the necessary PSU, the HD 5830 would be slightly faster:
    ...on paper, anyway.
    What resolution is your monitor?
  2. 1366 x 768 .
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    I suggest get hd is perfect for that resolution.hd 5830 is two gen old gpu with power hungry.hd 7750 is new and also it is good at direct x 11 games than hd will able to play every game at high settings.
  4. If you are gaming at 720p, then I agree with ASHISH65. Go for the HD 7750. It doesn't need a PCIe power cable*, uses less power, runs cooler, is more modern, and it is enough for 1366x768 at high(-ish) settings.

    * I should say that most don't require a separate power cable. There are some on the market that do.
  5. Got it . Thanks guys ! (:
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