Ah crap! The GPU I ordered won't work with my MOBO!?!

Hey guys is this the truth?

"The Hp dc5700 take ADD2 video card. Here are two links to confirm my findings.
http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c01470384 "

If so...that sucks! I have an HD 6670 on the way :(

What should I do? Do they make still sell ADD cards and will an ADD card do anything other than add a DVI port?
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  1. Why do you need that?
  2. I have a DC5800 and a HD4850 in it. It works fine. The only problem with the DC5800 is the giant crazy CPU heatsink and fan with plastic duct is so big a traditional 2 slot card wont fit.
  3. @jcurry23 http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/392356-33-ultra-cheap-dumpy#t2948687

    @bucknutty I think the DC5800 and DC5700 are different :(
  4. That board has Q963 chipset and 1 pci-e slot. I would think it should work, but the instructions state.

    * The dc5700 supports Normal (or Non-reversed) layout ADD2 (Advanced Digital Display 2) adapter cards inserted into the SDVO (Serial Digital Video Output) connector on the system board. This connector has the physical appearance of a PCIe x16 connector; however, conventional PCIe cards are not supported in this connector.
    ** Rear audio ports are re-taskable as Line-in, Line-out, or Microphone-in.

    I dont know what this means? I have never heard of a ADD2 slot but it sounds like junk to me.

    My DC5800 has a normal Q33 chipset and a normal PCI-e port. I dont think you can add a video card to the DC5700. The HP documentation states that the add in video cards for that computer are PCI-e 1x or PCI.
  5. What is your over all goal? Are you looking to add support for another screen or do you need 3d performance for games and such?

    If you just want to add support for a screen a PCI video card would still be like 400% faster than the onboard graphics and give you 2 screens.
  6. Something like this would work.

    Or this

    Its just a shame that the PCI version costs twice as much and is half as fast.
  7. Will a PCI video card work with this DC5700? My goal is to have a DVI port and also to be able to play indie games.

    As it is right now, it will run some indie games but not Hotline Miami :(
  8. The dc5800 is not the dc5700. There's no way to make it work. ADD cards just add Ports for the motherboard gpu.

    There are some pcie x1 and pcie cards, but don't expect much out of them.

  9. Yes PCI cards will work. The HP docs had some PCI cards listed as options. The HD5450 that I listed above would be like 3 or 4 times faster. So it should work a little better but still might bot be enough for games.

    Hotline miami is listed as needing a DX8 card with 32 megs of video ram. The PCI HD6450 should run it pretty nicely.
  10. Hi guys! The nice man who sold me the computer called me back and he did not know of this issue so he is okay with me trading up to a better system!

    I am going to return the $200 build and for an extra $120 get a substantially better PC and then I won't have to RMA the HD 6670 that I ordered :)
  11. Your lucky be sure the the specs for that new unit list a PCI-E 16x slot.
  12. I think getting a computer with standard connectors is smart. Messing with the ADD2 or whatever they called that PCI-e doppleganger sounds like a nightmare.
  13. Yeah, this is just an old junker purchase to keep at the GF's place. It need to be able to run games like hotline miami though!
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