Code 12 HD Radeon 7850

Alright guys, I'm desperate at this point. Hopefully someone can provide some fresh answers. Here is my current setup:

motherboard: intel dp67bg -updated to latest Bios (2209)
cpu: 3rd Gen i7
memory: 16 gb corsair vengeance
psu: OCZ 1000W
HDD: SSD 250gb Samsung
OS: Windows 7
GPU: 2x MSI Twin Frozr HD 7850 (atiumdag Catalyst 13.1 driver)

My intention is to crossfire the cards. But I keep getting a code 12 on the second card within device manager (This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.), I have tried every piece of advice I've found and NOTHING has worked, I'm at the end of my witts with this thing. Here's a list of what i've done:

- Disabled unused resourced in the BIOS
- swapped PCIe slots to make sure they are working
- tried cards individually in another computer (both work fine [no xfire since i don't have two slots in my old machine])
- deleted all instances of the card with the error and reinstalled
- deleted all drivers and reinstalled
- clean installation
- Microsoft's POS fix it downloads

Additional details:
I downloaded GPU-z And I can see the card in there it's just not turned on ( since device manager has deactivated the card).

Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated. I've been trying to fix this for two weeks.
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  1. Dont see IRQ conflicts very often anymore.

    I would go into the bios and turn off everything, as a trouble shooting step. I mean everything the only think i would leave on is USB so your mouse and keyboard keep working.

    Extra Sata ports
    Com ports

    Problems like this are often the USB devices. I would try another keyboard and mouse.
  2. Another thought each 7850 has 2 HD 7.1 audio chips. That means windows is managing 5 audio chips. In device manager dissable all sound cards.
  3. Tried both suggestions mate. Didn't work :( Still have the code 12 error on the second video card.
  4. I have a feelings its a bios setting. Is the onboard GPU enabled still? Maybe you can disable it.

    Take a look at this Intel guide to thier bios. There are a few settings here that impact the on board GPU. I would try turning them all off.
  5. Thanks for the link and the reply, but this particular motherboard does not have onboard video. I never build my gaming systems on Mb that have onboard video, ironically enough to save resources O.o
  6. Any updates from anyone?
  7. Another bump to see if anyone has any info.
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