Estimate how much is costs Gtx 690 in 2014??

I heard that Battlefield 4 will be coming in 2014, if I want to ultra-high special effects, it is recommended that GTX690?
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  1. 670, 680, 760ti, 770, 780 would be enough. Cost of 690 won't be decreased much, I guess it would still be at least $900 when the next 700 gen comes out, and slowly decline to $800. I predict this based on the history price of 590 :D
  2. It'll cost half its price

    Who's seen the future. you never know some 700 series or 800 or 900 may suddenly occur

    I dont trust NVIDIA
  3. Battlefield 4 will not be a major jump in graphics like 3 was. It is using the same engine with a few improvements and of course optimizations. I'd say anything in the 570GTX range will run it on ultra.
  4. i think that a gtx 560 would manage a 35+ frame rate on ultra.....
    but yeah....who knows whats
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