Program to control CPU and Graphics card fan speeds

Is there a program out there that can control both the CPU fan speed and the graphics card fan speed while monitoring their temperatures? I use Speedfan for the CPU fan and EVGA precision for my 8800GT fan speed. Maybe even something that changes the fan speed of the CPU depending on the load on it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. NVIDIA nTune
  2. I heard bad things things about nTune and a friend of mine had some serious problems with it. is there anything else out there?
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    Grab RivaTuner at Fantastic piece of tuning software for GPU's. As for the CPU, your system should do that by itself.
  4. Rivatuner has always worked fine for me.
  5. ^ +1 Rivatuner
  6. yep works great thanks for the suggestion. as for the CPU I realized that the option to slow down the fan and speed it up was turned off in my BIOS. Thanks everyone.
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