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  1. Yea I saw this article myself. I don't really care for how they point the cards against one another. The 670 should be up with the 7970 and the 680 should be slightly in line with the 7970. Should be very interesting how things transpire if they both play the waiting game in releasing a new series of cards.
  2. scout_03 said:
    this news came out on tom's hardware the 8 of february

    The link you posted was talking about the delay and what i posted was the squash to that rumor
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    Yea there was reports on the matter that were made more clear. Because of how the cards are doing this generation they are taking there time. Also, I believe AMD is trying to elevate the extra stock they have of the current graphic cards. This really leads me to believe we will see a fairly large jump with the next series of cards.
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