Laptop screen not coming on??

Hi guys

My laptop screen is not coming on, the laptop is running as normal but nothing is showing on the screen just blank...

What could be wrong?

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  1. Has this been going on for a while? Is your laptop fully charged. Also does your laptop have other displays ports possibly something you could connect to a monitor or tv.
  2. Check your display ports and see if anything will show up on another screen. It may have something to do with the connections underneath the bezel. May be time to take it apart!
  3. Problem accord today it started up as normal, than the screen went funny like the cursor had to lines on the side.. Soi restarted it and since than nothing is showing up.. Yes it has ports to connect to a desktop etc but ideally would like the laptop work as normal... Could it be the graphic card? If yes where can u get 1 from its a HP dv5 laptop...
  4. Hmm, I would get in contact with HP regarding this. It sounds more like there is something going on with your graphics card. Normally lines and weird graphic anomalies could point towards graphic artifacts which can be contributed to overclocking or overheating. Which in your case overheating would be the more common result. At least from what it sounds there is more then likely something internally wrong within your laptop.
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