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Best GPU for this CPU

Okay so I am building my brother a computer off my old CPU and I was wondering what is the best one I can get without bottleneck? The CPU is a AMD Athlon II x2 240 2.8 GHz, it's going to have a after market cpu heatsink so it can overclock. If overclocking will enable it to run a better card then I'll overclock it for him to run it. Please any help with this?
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  1. Hmm you do have a AM3 CPU. You do possibly have the ability to upgrade to a better CPU if you are worried about not being able to handle a more capable card. Would you by chance know the motherboard you are using.
  2. Oh right sorry forgot to put that it's right here but he doesn't want to have to buy a new CPU right now because he doesn't have a very big budget but I just want to know the best he can get with this CPU so I know what to look for
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    A 7770 or 650 ti, for that cpu and budget.
    When he can get a budget for a cpu, tell him to get the fx-6300 or above, the motherboard supports it.
  4. Oh ha thanks DJ ^^ I'll let him know and thanks for your help
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