Graphics card wont work with new computer.

Hi, awhile ago i purchased a amd radeon 7750 Hd graphics card and i put it into my old computer and it was working fine, then i recently bought a new computer, it's a Gateway, model number DX4380G-UW308. My problem is when I put in the graphics card my computer turns on but the display doesn't show, i get a "no signal input". I have tried to boot it in safe mode, didn't work and i have a 300w power supply. If i take the graphics card out the computer runs fine. I dont know how much the power supply was on the old computer, but I'd appreciate any help.

If you need any other information just ask.

System specs:

OS: Windows 8

Processor: AMD A6-5400K APU dual core 3.60 GHz


Hard drive: 1 TB
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  1. Willing to bet that the PSU isn't powerful enough OR the BIOS has not been configured to turn the video duties over to the video card. (although I thought that it automatically did that on APUs)

    The 7750 doesn't have a direct connection to the PSU, it pulls all of its power off of the motherboard, I say that your system uses at least 250 watts of power by itself, and Im assuming they are using a cheap PSU anyways... I would tell you to order a Ultra LS350 and I bet it will work.
  2. Okay i was hoping it'd be something simple, but I'll probably order that piece, thanks
  3. I have a Gateway DX4870-UB2B desktop computer.

    Intel Core i3 3240 @3.40GHz
    Intel HD 2500 Graphics
    6GB RAM
    1TB Hard Drive
    Cooler Master Extreme 500W Power Supply
    Windows 8.1 64-bit
    Graphic card wont work on my computer
  4. #1 Lshorty wanna give us a update on your rig?

    #2 Tell us about your problem Omaralvarado.
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