Windows Restore Won't "Undo"

I recently did a restore back to the 16th, obviously some programs were effected, mainly the newest installs, however restoring didn't fix the particular issue I was having, so I wanted to Undo the Restore. When I select to Undo the restore it acts like it's returning it to the point it was before the restore, but after it reboots and I log in, I get an error saying it "cannot access some files" to disable my antivirus and try again.

I've done that and it's still giving that error. My biggest problem with the restore is that it has affected some setups I had saved on my external hdd. About 60 or so of them now show up as .tmp files. If anyone knows if undoing the restore will resolve the issue on the external drive that would be great, however if there's another way to fix the .tmp problem that would be even better. I wouldn't mind having to use the 'restored' version of my windows but I need those setups so I can fix the effected programs.

I'm on 56k and most of those setups were downloaded while at a friends house because they're between 20 and 300mb. Something I don't dare download on dial up internet because it would take a week or more to do it, if the connection didn't time out first.
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  1. do you have a more recent restore point from this one
  2. System Restore is hit or miss.
    I'm surprised it worked for you on the first try ^.^
  3. scout_03 said:
    do you have a more recent restore point from this one

    I've already tried that fix, it doesn't restore to that point. It was a program uninstall restore point, as far as I can tell, it doesn't restore. The thing that makes me think it isn't restoring to that point is that my setups are still .tmp files. It may be restoring and the setups could just be screwed up, I honestly don't know.
  4. could you try your external on your friend computer
  5. Wouldn't the other windows install on my computer be the same as a different computer? If so I still see the installers as .tmp
  6. maybe but a part of you internal drive could be defective ,give a try on another mobo
  7. I hooked it up to my laptop running Windows XP and the files still show up as .tmp.
  8. could you retreive them even if they show temp files,you could try to copy them on the internal drive and look if they will still temp fiiles
  9. scout_03 said:
    could you retreive them even if they show temp files,you could try to copy them on the internal drive and look if they will still temp fiiles

    Didn't work.

    I think I know what caused them to change over, or at least a possible cause. I tried opening the file and then let it suggest a program, and it brought this up in Firefox

    Windows has the following information about this file type. This page will help you find software needed to open your file.

    File Type: Temporary File

    File Extension: .tmp
    Description: This file is created by applications to store information temporarily.

    I think when windows did the restore there might have been some kind of associations with the files some how and windows made them .tmp because of this, basically I think, and this is just speculation because I have no idea what happens to files during a restore, windows was going to include the files into the "Undo Restore" file, whatever type it mae be, and image or whatever, but because they were on a different drive it simply made them .tmp and is awaiting the undo before it re-writes the data to them to make them .exe's again.

    You might get what I'm trying to say, would be easier said than typed. In any case I'm afraid that inevitably these files are lost until I can make windows undo the restore, but I'll keep trying suggestions since it refuses to undo.
  10. got a idea if you try to use the program that they where originaly set with ,(like office word use .doc so you associate them with the extension they should have other than temp)try it with a copy first
  11. I honestly wouldn't know where to begin. I don't know what would have been associated with the files. As I said they're .exe files that I just copy and pasted to the external drive.

    The irritating part is the fact that it even happened at all. Why should files on an external drive be affected by a windows restore? Especially if the drive isn't setup for the "System Protection" under the Advanced System Properties.
  12. could you see witch program that was using this file
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