What went wrong? Colors messed up, screen scaled, etc.

What went wrong?

I changed my gpu from GT 220 to HD 4850, deinstalled all the nvidia drivers and installed ati drivers.
The screen resolution in settings was correct, but for some reason the screen was scaled so that I had big black borders around the picture. This problem was solved by going to Catalyst Center>My Digital Flat Panels>Scaling Options and I moved the adjuster from the center where it was to 0%. Why would this be happening? However when I rebooted the scaling had came back, I'm not sure if I got it fixed though.

However even if that problem would be solved, my colors are messed up, they are somehow more bright or idk how to say it its hard to describe it, the colors are just f***ed up, I tried calibrating it from both monitor and os settings with no succseed. I've checked all the settings, now I'm trying reinstalling DX as someone said in some thread to some other guy that it might work in similiar situation, however I doubt this will work. Anyway, why could the colors be fxkd up? It's like red is actually little bit pinkish and maybe even little bit orangish. Blue and yellow seems pretty good, but not what I'm used to.. It's just totally weird. Also bright blues turn to cyans... What else.. Well it doesn't stand out in gaming enviroment or when looking at photos, both look just fine. It's more visible when browsing stuff and etc.. What could have gone wrong?? What can I do? Help? :D

Also sry for my spelling.. I'm very tired.. 3 AM and haven't slept well for days.. Maybe that will fix the problem, lol.

Anyway, I'll be really glad if someone can figure out what's wrong..

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  1. Also I want to highlight that the problem mostly stands out just on bright colors and on red and orange colors. Blue/Yellow/Green are pretty ok.
  2. For the scaling make sure after you do the overscan/underscan adjustment make sure to check the box below it that says, override original settings with user settings or something like that or it'll not save after you reboot.

    As for your colors, try older drivers or the 13.2 if you haven't already.
  3. Patched to 13.2, didn't solve the problem. Maybe I should try the older drivers tomorrow, anyway I'd like to see other suggestions too.
  4. did you check that hd4850 in another system if the color are the same .
  5. It's been used in two other systems and there was no color problems, could it be that some settings have gone bad / mixed after I changed the gpus?
    I mean some others than drivers coz I'm pretty sure I deleted all of them before installing HD4850.

    Also this card had huge overheating problems before I was able to install the new cooler properly, could it be due those issues that the card has somehow damaged?
    But once again I'd like to highlight that the colors are not messed alot, I mean it's nothing like srsly broken gpu, no. Blue is blue and red is red, expect that red is more like a pinkish/brighter than usual, same goes for orange. Also bright colors get weird and overall there is somehow something weird with colors, but yeah.. ugh.. i'm just circling with my words.. I'll try installing some older drivers later, but this problem was even before I got to install the drivers.. Also the scaling problem was before I got to install the driver, but the scaling is now fixed...

    Btw.. I've tried to adjust the colors too, but it just messes up it more.
    Any suggestions?
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  7. Checked my services: No nvidia there :/ maybe I will try driver sweeper
  8. if you put back the gt 220 without the install of the nvidia driver does your monitor the right color ?
  9. Lol this is weird.. I tried driversweeper and it found some nvidia leftovers, I cleaned them and it actually worked, expect that red, orange and pink are still just a little, little, little bit brighter/more neonish what I'm used to, but it might be because I tryed using calibration and etc to make the colors look better.. So I think you can say the problem is now solved.. I mean.. It is solved! Thanks to you Scout!

    I'll recalibrate the colors from windows and display settings, and declare the problem solved! Thank you scout_03 and everyone else for your help!

    Once again I got a solution from tomshardware..
  10. Also the colors might just seem more neonish to me just because my eyes are already used to seeing them there so I might actually just think it looks that way.. Anyway, problem solved and I'll recalibrate the screen now.. Thanks again!!!!!
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  12. you could also apply the color settings on your monitor that could help .have fun with system .
  13. I have this same problem when i updated to a new graphics card at first it worked good and then at random times (as far as i remember only on youtube) the screen gets a big black bar on the left or the entire screen becomes one flat color. The problem seems to fix when i turn of the multi cord plugin thingy and turn it back on(not when i just shut down the PC) Im not sure if it is the graphics card with youtube or just bad timing
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