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Hello,what kind of graphics card do I buy for an older desktop computer. I need something cheap because of the age of this computer. Thanks
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  1. We will need more information, like the model of either the entire system if its an OEM or the make of the motherboard if its a DIY system. Make and model of the power supply would be helpful aswell.
  2. if u have a good power supply then get a 9800 gtx or 9800 gt or an hd 4850...
    if u dont have enough amps on the +12 v rail then consider getting newer cards......
    they consume less power and perform equally well....for eg hd 6750, hd 7750 etc....

    consider getting newer cards...
    .theres no point in buying an old one....
    good luck
  3. really need to know if the computer is using PCIe or AGP. Any graphics card made for their respective port will work.

    you need either model of the computer or the motherboard info for us to really help you.
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