Windows 7 Setup Doesn't Recognize SDD

I have an OCZ SSD in my system. It works fine, I have tested on it other systems, and I am able to install Windows XP and Ubuntu on it. When I put in a Windows 7 disk it does not show my SSD. I have 2 different disks and both have the same problem. One is an old disk without SP1, one is a new one with SP1. I have tried different SATA wires and different SATA ports all tested and working on both other systems, and the same system under a different OS. Running in either AHCI or RAID doesn't let my system start from disk.

When I click Custom and get the the screen where I partition my drive it does not show anything. It is completely blank. Despite the fact that my drive works under every other circumstance I can create.

What could possibly be wrong?
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  1. Got it to boot from disk in AHCI. Still same problem though.
  2. Hi

    you have not said what motherboard or chipset

    can you bootup (and see disk) from Win 7 dvd if you have a ordinary sata hard disk instead of SSD ?

    (it would be rare if Win 7 did not have correct AHCI / sata driver, NOTE sata driver is for controller not disk)
    normally you leave bios setting for sata controller to ahci to take advantages of all features of SSD

    occasionally there are compatibility problems with sata III disks on sata I or II controllers.
    (often fixed by jumper on disk or bios setting)


    Mike Barnes
  3. It is a brand new ASUS board. M4A88T-M. I do not currently have a HDD to try it with. both the MB and SDD are SATA II.
  4. Posting from Windows XP right now on the same system. 32/64 bit seems to make no difference either. No Windows 7 disk I have used (4 now) will work. XP and ubuntu install and run fine. So why does Windows 7 keep giving my SDD the cold shoulder?
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