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So, I reformatted using an old XP disc, Got the Ethernet Driver set up fine, but now I can not connect to the Internet, because the card refuses to fetch the DNS Addie, and default gateway, it's the only computer in the house having issues, the computer I am having problems on is an old Hp Dv 9317cl series, with a nivida chipset Ether card. Could really use some help figuring out what has gone wrong
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  1. did you have it working on the same cable and card befor
  2. This information should have been automatically set by your router. Have you checked if you have the Automatic Settings selected, instead of manual configuration?
    Go to one of the other PCs in your home, check the Network Settings and use the same Gateway and DNS addresses as the other pc.
  3. Also, if it came with a nvidia program called "network shield" or something like that, don't install it. It tends to cause network connection problems, at least earlier versions did. This is not a required program, so it causes no problems by not installing it or removing it.
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