Eyefinity vs high res

Hello, i was just wondering which you guys prefer, one Achieva Shimian 27' 1440p vs 3 Asus VE278H 27 1080p, now i realize everyone is probably going to say that a 27' 1080p is garbage and i would agree for videos, and desktop space but for gaming i dont really notice much difference between it and my 23' 1080ips display

If i got the 3 asus' monitors they would be powered by 2 sapphire 7950's
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  1. Well, personally I would prefer 2 monitors at most as 3 takes up too much space (especially 27") and 2 is fine for me since I don't use 2 monitors for gaming (1 main monitor (games, movies) + 1 more that comes in really handy for work). I would love a 2560x1440/2560x1600 monitor but they're so expensive.

    For you, I'd say get the single 1440p monitor, unless you're looking for surround (or multi monitor) gaming.
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