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I don't know how to describe my issue then again let me try. I just bought the MSI N650Ti PE 1GD5/OC graphic card for the ASUS G41 TMLX board with Corsair 4GB X 2 RAM. I have the 600 Watt power supply of Dynamic Brand (yeah you might not have known this brand, it is quite popular in my country).

I downloaded the latest drivers , install them. Now the display seems fine at first but when I play movies, especially in the action scenes when the scenes are fast, the display flickers (I hope this word is the best to describe the issue). The flickering happens at exactly between the screen for about half the second for every fast moving scene. I have yet to check for game, planning to install FIFA 2013 later at night.

What actually is the problem here? You guys have any idea on this matter? I know that my MB does not support PCI Express 3.0 but still it can use the hardware at 2.0. And the RAM I am using are Vengeance 1600MHZ which again are higher than what my MB supports. But here as well, they are running at 1024MHZ fine. Is it the manufacturer's issue? Should I change it? Or did I miscalculate something?

Please, I need help!!
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  1. Your card is probably defective.Test some games,if you experienced the same issue,RMA it
  2. I solved it on my own. :D Seems like it was all about OS. I had formatted the computer with windows 7 SP1 which was an year old DVD. After a complete windows update, I uninstall the drivers, downloaded fresh copy and install it again. I am not having the flickering issue anymore. But again just to be at the safe side, I will consult the seller and ask him to change the card. :)
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