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Reviews about Nvidia GTS 450 ddr3 and ddr5

Is GTS450 DDR3 sufficient enough to play games like pop:forgotten sands, Hitman:absolution, Max payne 3, NFSMW2012?

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  1. I got an EVGA GTs 450 FPB GDDR5 1GB and it performs pretty well... just from reading those games, I'll say mostly no because you'll need a GTx 660Ti to even play those at 30FPS+... I actually tested out FC3 on max setting with my 450 at 1920x1200 and I get around 10 FPS lol... If I were you, i'd wait until next year and save money until then and get a GTx 750 or so... also when you look for a gaming video card, you might wanna get a video card with "GDDR5" because GDDR3 to GDDR5 is a huge different when gaming...
  2. Better to get new generation gpu.get atleast gtx 650ti or gtx 660.
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    well simple answer is no. low settings maybe?
    the real performers starts with 660 or x60 (depending on the generation)
    this is unless they change the performance bracket with regards to model numbers.

    if you want good performance, get an x60, even if it is a new gen, say a 750, it is still a x50 (where x is the generation/series).
    for a little history, gtx260 was good (although hot), 460 also, 560, 660. of course higher models are better. it depends on your budget.

    for AMD, a good place to start is x770, right now that is 7770. higher is better
  4. I have a Corei5(3rd gen.) with 4 gb ram. Still you guys have the same opinion. Will GTX 550Ti serve the purpose with the given system requirements.
  5. No.what is your max resolution?
  6. i have a 22 inches samsung. I think it runs on 1920.

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  7. You need minimum hd 7850 2gb for up and get hd 7850.
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