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I'm upgradeing my gpu and im wondering what gpu i should look at for my gaming rig currently i have an msi twin frozr 3 6950. Im just not sure whether i should stay with amd card or swap to nvidia. i play skyrim wow final fantasy IX borderlands 2 . and some battlefield 3 my rig now is

nzxt switch 810
asus crosshair v formula mobo
amd fx8150 at 4.3ghz cooled by a xspc rasa rs360 with six fans in push/pull
msi r6950 twin frozr 3
cougar 1000watt psu
8gb corsair vengence ram
ocz vertex 4 128gb ssd boot drive
seagate momentus xt 750gb for storage
cpu is cooled by a xspc rasa rs360 with six 140mm nzxt fans in push/pull plus for 4 140mm nzxt case fans
any info will help as im not sure which card or cards would be best for the games i play
price should be no more than $600
thank you to all that reply
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  1. I think if you upgrade to best amd gpu i.e hd 7970 then it would not be worthwile. I think you should crossfire another hd 6950 or change cpu to fx 8350.
  2. reason i want to upgrade is having an over heatin issue and ive cleaned heatsink and ffans also cleaned and reapplied thermal paste could im not sure if my card is a referance design or not to water cool any thoughts on this issue woukd be gratefulle appeciated. if i can buy a water block for this card i will buy another to crossfire it
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