How can specific devices be blocked from wifi network

Hi all, first post here. I am a level 2 desktop support technician for a very big fortune 500 company. And they are VERY into tech security. This is good in that I get exposed to a lot of cool technologies, bad in that it restricts what I can do there... I will explain:

Like most companies, internet access is heavily restricted with content filters on company PCs. This prevents me from accessing tech forums which I often need for the job (this one included), as well as stuff like bidding on ebay when my auction ends during the day, and checking my gmail, which also need to do. Ok maybe not need, want :D

We have 2 wifi networks available, one with strict 802.1x security that only company PCs can connect to, and a "Guest" network, intended to give visitors internet access, much like a hotel. Now, on the guest network there are NO access filters, it is unrestricted internet access. Employees are not supposed to know the password to connect to Guest, but a little birdie gave it to me :D

The problem:

My personal laptops connect to Guest just fine, which is my current solution for unfiltered internet. But my andriod tablet and iphone can not connect. Documentation indicates there is a "technical control" in place to block mobile devices from connecting to Guest. I had thought that it must be MAC address filtering, so I changed the MAC address of the tablet to imitate one of the laptops that could connect (not at the same time of course). But that did not work... still no connection on the tablet. It can see the network and accepts the password, but can not get an IP address.

The question:

How in the hell are they doing it?! I am not the type of person who likes to ask for help, and have done hours of research on this to no avail. All I know about the wireless network is that they are using Cisco Aironet 1140 access points, anything beyond that I don't have access to.

Anyone ever run into this, know about this type of thing, or better yet set up something like this? Basically what methods are there other than MAC filtering the would enable you to block access to specific devices? I can't bypass without even knowing how it is being done :fou:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. This question is strongly pointing towards hacking, which is against the forum rules.

    Go talk to your birdie again. . .
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