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Can my PSU run GTX 680 ?

Good day everyone,

I currently own a Geforce GTX 285 running on Thermaltake Toughpower 750w PSU.

My question is: can my PSU run the Asus Geforce GTX 680 OC version? I know that the GTX 680 requires minimum of 38 Ambs to run & not sure if my PSU can handle it.

This is my PSU spec:

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  1. Thanks for your help bishopi5!

    Does that mean that my PSU is acutally providing the graphic card with 72 Ambs? (12V1+12V2+12V3+12V4) combined as shown in the diagram in the above link?

    The computer store guy told me that my PSU 12v is only providing 18 Ambs which is not enough to power the GTX680. That is why I got very confused !
    And if I go with this current PSU I might damage the VGA or encounter sudden shutdown due to low Ambs supplied to the VGA!

    Please advise, thanks.
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    Whoever told you that needs to get fired. Your PSU is more than enough to run a single GTX 680. The power requirement for GTX 680 is at least 550W so you are above and beyond. If you feel unsure, depending on where you are, try and grab the Corsair AX850 Gold+ it seems to be on sale everywhere and it's a beast of CPU! Heck grab the 750 and run with it!
  3. Thx for the feedback hero1!
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