Screen Goes Black In Game

Hi, I am having this problem for a while now and searched the internet but every answer I found just got more and more stupid.

So heres the problem.
Whenever I play a game, at beginning it happened when playing League of Legends (Some online game) but when I put my graphics and all other things on low it stopped.
The thing was my computer screen would go black and I could hear my fans going on for a second but then my computer goes silent however it is still running.
I fixed this in several games just by putting their Graphics or Displays on very low quality however I tried 3 new games: Dishonored, Bastion and Tera but none of these work even if I put the graphics at their lowest.

I first thought it was my computer screen because it is pretty old but when I changed it with my brothers new monitor it still happened.
I now think its my Graphics card, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GT320 1024MB I have no idea if its good or bad but my computer isn't that old heres some of my specs:
Intel i3 Core CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz
64 Bit
Windows 7

I live in France and I don't speak their language that well for me to go ask the people and explain my problem.
So maybe someone here can help me because I got many games I like to play but only being able to play for 2-10 minutes is too short.

Thanks for helping me and if you don't know a good answer then help me answer another question: Do you think I should open my computer and clean it and maybe change graphic card ?
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  1. Sounds like heat or psu. What temps does the gpu/cpu get to gaming? What psu do you have? You should definitely clean the dust out of the heat sinks.
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