Any thoughts on the 7870 xt?

Planning on buying the 7870 xt from Newegg (when it comes back in stock)

Just wondering if anyone has this card and has any input as far as performance or if anyone has found any reliable benchmark scores. I've read everywhere that its one of if not the best value card right now but I have not been able to find any reliable benchmarks. Thanks in advance!

Also just wanted to make sure I understand this correctly, in the future if I wanted to CF this card it would have to be with a 7950 or a 7970 right?
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  1. Don't bother crossfire with high-end cards. You'll only get the twice (best case scenario) the performance of a 7870XT anyway.

    Nevertheless, the 7870 XT is a great card at a great price. If you'd like to see the benchmarks, here's one
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