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I am looking to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 531 desktop. I am trying to play Arma 2 with the DayZ mod. I was wondering if this graphics card would be able to run the game and be compatible with my computer.
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  1. Hello... PASSmark HD 6570 = 738
  2. I looked at the requirements for Arma 2 and they're not too high, so it should run the game very well I guess (but I don't know about the requirements for the DayZ mod if they're much higher or not).

    As for compatibility with your system the Inspiron 531 has a 300 Watt power supply and this card doesn't draw a lot of power (and don't require additional power connections) so yeah it should be compatible no problem.

    For 5$ more you can get the 6670 that will also be compatible. That would be your best bet I guess:
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